What is Good Finance Bank and what loan it will offer

Do you know bank codes? If so, you know that Loan credit is no other than Good Finance. It is, therefore, a newcomer to our banking market, but we can confidently say that he has something to offer us as clients. But before looking at the services and products it is good to map some interesting information.

What makes the Good Finance characteristic?


We will start with the most important, which is definitely the characteristics of this bank. It is certainly good to look into history. It starts in 2011, when the bank first entered our market.

This was accompanied by a relatively massive advertising campaign, thanks to which Good Finance has won a number of supporters . It certainly did not enter the market as an unknown bank, because at that time it was associated with the prestigious PPF group.

It is not only experience, but it is also connected with a good financial background, which positively affects the quality of the products offered.

If we look at the Bank’s basic code, we must definitely appreciate the fact that Loan credit always strives to act truthfully, openly and understandably. It also prides itself on clarity and accessibility. These are one of the main reasons that clients can positively evaluate.


What products will the bank offer?


It is still a relatively small bank, as evidenced not only by the smaller number of branches and ATMs, but also by the number of products on offer. If we start with money management, we talk about two main options. It is about:

  • Current account
  • Savings account

The first option is intended for standard clients who want to have money deposited, want to receive it, as well as send and make simple payments. This account option is available to individuals and families. Bank Loan credit offers two tariffs, which differ mainly in what services and to what extent we will use .

The second way, the possibility of a savings account is also associated with the appreciation of our money. Here is a clear bank guarantee: “ With our GFI3 guarantee, you can be sure that your savings account interest will always be among the top three in the market. You don’t have to worry about anything.

We look after the best interest for you. To all who came to us by the end of January 2020, we will pay GFI3 guarantees deposits up to USD 1 million. “

The bank can also lend us


They are not just products related to managing our finances, as they are also loans. It is the classic, ie non-purpose, as well as transferred loans. In both cases, we are confident that the bank will not only offer low interest rates, but will also offer simple acquisition conditions and individual conditions .

What is also missing is the possibility to arrange a product within the internet banking. Everything is complemented by a mortgage transfer service.

Although Good Finance does not yet offer its own, it will offer interesting advantages to those who have it. Not only in the area of ​​interest rates, but also in the area of ​​monthly payments.

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