Monthly Archives: October 2021

Jobs in demand due to the global supply chain crisis

After the economic rebound experienced after the devastating effects of covid-19, the global supply chain is in a precarious position. This means that people have to pay much more for goods and services while waiting much longer for their arrival. However, with every crisis comes opportunities, such as the many …

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Let’s find our way back | News, Sports, Jobs

The US Congress has yet to come to an agreement on a $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill. Pending their decision, Hawaii will officially welcome visitors to the islands on November 1. Could it be our “back to normal?” Should it be? Before the global pandemic changed everything in March 2020, …

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Local diver Don Fassbender is shown underwater. (Photo courtesy of Don Fassbender via 8-18 Media) Don Fassbender, an extraordinary local diver, has dedicated his diving career to keeping the “Fresh Coast” Costs. Fassbender started scuba diving 30 years ago because he wanted to see what was under the waves of …

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