Anton du Preez, Körber supply chain

Anton du Préez

Tell us about your role at Körber Supply Chain

I am responsible for software sales in the business area of ​​Körber Supply Chain. I am responsible for European sales strategy and operations across our entire range of supply chain solutions. These include automation, robotics, material handling, and systems integration expertise to tie it all together.
To succeed in the supply chain, companies need not only well-trained employees, but also the right technologies. In addition to solutions, we also provide the expertise to integrate software components, equipment and agents throughout the supply chain, end-to-end and around the world. We keep thousands of supply chains in motion across the world.
In addition, we have access to a global network of logistics systems companies and partners ready to help our customers succeed, wherever they are. Whatever their supply chain needs, our team of technology providers, systems integrators and consultants can help them solve their business problems.

What is the most difficult aspect of your job?

Supply chains are the lifeline of any business model. They are either a crucial strategic advantage or an obstacle to success.
The supply chain challenges for businesses are increasingly important. Recent global factors such as component sourcing, the pandemic, and global shipping issues have further challenged supply chain leaders and us as a solution provider to find new and innovative ways to adapt and operate. Not only is it difficult for them to recruit employees, but they also have to meet higher expectations for choice, convenience, speed and price.
The biggest challenge for me personally is making sure that we continue to improve our clients’ operations. The supply chain has always been challenged to improve performance, reduce costs and adapt to changing market demands.

And the most rewarding?

Hear directly from our customers, from executives to users in the warehouse, after our solutions go live, about how we’ve helped them. Sometimes our solutions help identify issues they didn’t even know they had.
For example, our virtual warehouse solution can help them understand how they can use space more efficiently and increase the useful life of the facility. It’s also good when it happens. Sure, in a sales role it’s always nice to make a deal, but the most rewarding aspect for me is seeing the promised – and unexpected – benefits delivered.

How has the pandemic changed your role?

The situation remains volatile, as we are seeing now with another wave of covid sweeping through Europe. As with many people, the proportion of remote contact with customers and colleagues is now higher, but the fundamental task of identifying, designing and delivering solutions remains the same.
The pandemic has certainly brought about some changes in the market, including accelerated growth in online execution, a focus of customers on supply chain resilience, and increased demand for flexible and adaptable solutions, software such as warehouse management systems with autonomous mobile robots.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

It’s actually more of a quote that I try to follow, rather than a specific piece of advice that I’ve been given, which is, “Do the right thing, even when no one is looking. For me, customer and personal relationships are always long term, and maintaining integrity is fundamental to that.

Who inspires you, professionally?

It might sound out of date, but I take inspiration from the team I work with. I continually see incredible strategic vision, creativity and dedication from my colleagues, and that motivates me a lot. There is certainly no shortage of exceptional personalities, but when I see a team member really helping a client or colleague, it gives me a lot of satisfaction and inspiration.

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