Biofargo addresses laboratory supply shortage in the United States

Ashland, Virginia – Diagnostic tests are an important part of providing good patient care for physicians at all levels. However, with COVID-19 and the spread of other infectious diseases, there has been a shortage of laboratory supplies in Ashland and across the United States, forcing many clinics / labs to redistribute resources. Biofargo is in the business of alleviating this shortage by providing high quality and efficient devices.

While the supply chain issues currently facing laboratories are dynamic and unpredictable, Biofargo is committed to maintaining a high level of service to its customers in the United States. The company includes a team of in-house laboratory specialists who are dedicated to providing their customers with a unique shopping experience, including ease of purchase, professional expertise and in-depth advice to meet their specific needs. Even though they prioritize building / maintaining client relationships, the team offers the most advanced bioscience technology to advance physicians’ missions.

The biggest drawback to the current shortage of laboratory supplies is the delay in submitting many projects and a backlog of samples in inventory laboratories. Biofargo solves this problem by offering general supplies including heat blocks, cell culture plates, cell culture dishes, cell culture flasks, centrifuge tubes, internal / external threads, cryofreezer boxes and a large range of pipettes.

Laboratory centrifuges are an integral part of separating compounds from liquids and suspensions to isolate DNA, separate blood, and purify chemical samples. Centrifuges supplied by Biofargo provide reliable and safe support in the fields of biotechnology, pharmacy, life sciences, laboratory experiments and clinical diagnostics. They have a range of separation applications with centrifuge products including high speed mini centrifuge, high speed refrigerated microcentrifuge, high speed microcentrifuge, hematocrit centrifuge and pam microcentrifuge.

In addition to centrifuges, Biofargo offers hotplates, magnetic stirrers, liquid handling devices, mixers, rotators, overhead stirrers, rotary evaporators, stirrers, thermal controls and spectrophotometers. They also offer the next generation RNA isolation products for Forgene cells and plants. They are non-toxic and allow double column extraction in 10 minutes.

Once a customer orders their products from the Biofargo website, the products are shipped from their warehouses in the United States the same day. Depending on the customer’s location, delivery varies from 2 to 7 days. Knowing that shopping online can be frustrating, the team provides live customer support, responds quickly to customers, and is attentive to their needs.

In addition to providing high quality products, the team at Biofargo also educates and empowers their clients by writing insightful articles. They have topics on RNA extraction methods, laboratory centrifuges, history of centrifuges, a centrifuge maintenance guide, the importance of a balanced centrifuge, and how a centrifuge works.

To experience an accessible one-stop-shop solution to the current shortage of laboratory supplies, call (888) -315-5266 to speak to an expert. Biofargo is located at 10338 Stony Run Ln, Ashland, VA, 23005, USA. For inquiries on laboratory supplies, visit the company’s website.

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