Brownsville Business Dodges Effects of Supply Shortage, Here’s How

BROWNSVILLE, TX (ValleyCentral) – As parts of the country face supply chain shortages, a local business has gotten a head start and is fully stocked for the holiday season.

“Try out local stores before shopping at department stores,” said Sadie Cermeno of El Toro Sporting Goods in downtown Brownsville.

El Toro store owner Francisco Cermeno is ahead of the game.

He started booking and buying his Christmas inventory months in advance.

“We are placing future orders, 3 or 4 or 6 months before,” Cermeno said.

Due to the backlog at California ports, many department stores and online retailers are scrambling to fill orders before the holidays.

However not in this store.

Their prices can also be better because they include the budget of the communities.

“We have the prices directly from the company,” Cermeno said. “And on future orders, we have a discount, 5% or 8%”.

Francisco’s daughter Sadie runs their online store.

“I’m always on it, I’m on it at home reading their posts,” Cermeno said. “So I never sleep… It makes it easier for them, I think of the client.

Cermeno says it costs less to operate in downtown Brownsville than in malls.

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