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Any homeowner will say that it can be difficult, and sometimes expensive, to maintain a home and garden.

Things can go wrong at any time, creating a variety of problems.

Instead of looking after a single property, the city of Vernon has an entire community to keep things running smoothly and that can sometimes be a difficult task.

Mark Dowhaniuk, director of infrastructure, said the city has a detailed asset management plan in place to keep the city running.

“We do assessments of all the infrastructure the city has,” Dowhaniuk said.

There have been a few cases of failing water pipes recently, but Dowhaniuk said that is the responsibility of the regional district.

The city closely monitors the sanitation system, storm sewers, roads and other necessary amenities.

Ongoing assessments of all assets give city officials a priority list of work to be done.

“These projects work their way into the four-year capital plan and then eventually into the annual financial plan,” Dowhaniuk said.

Generally, this is a well-practiced and well-functioning system, but there can be a fly in the ointment.

At times, teams have had to get creative and modify repairs due to supply chain issues, a challenge that plagues the private and public sectors.

“We have a few projects where we’ve had delays with things like valves for one of our sanitary projects,” Dowhaniuk said. “But there are often multiple options, so just pivot and make a slightly modified design based on the materials available.

“It hasn’t been an issue in the past, but it’s definitely something everyone is feeling right now.”

Dowhaniuk said crews and contractors were able to think things through and get the job done despite the shortages.

Dowhaniuk said a priority area the city is currently working on flooding is simple mapping, risk assessment and mitigation projects.

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