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QUINCY – U.S. Representative Rodney Davis R-Taylorville made an impromptu appearance in Quincy on Monday about a week after announcing his candidacy for the newly drawn 15th Congressional District.

Davis, who has represented the 13th Congressional District since 2012, said he was speaking at an Illinois Farm Bureau event in Chicago but decided to take a flight to Quincy to hear the concerns of his potential voters. .

“I am a Conservative who does not sacrifice our core values ​​and principles, but also understands that we must govern together to get things done,” Davis said. “Next time I come, I certainly hope to sit down with more local leaders like the mayor and other people from the community to talk about the issues that are important to every person in this county.”

Although Adams County is not represented in the 13th District, Davis said he was familiar with the area after recruiting former US Representative John Shimkus and that many of the same issues he was working on era, such as improved waterways, still exist today. He added that he had worked with U.S. Representative Darin LaHood, R-Peoria and state lawmakers to serve Quincy during his time in Congress.

Responding to recent economic development opportunities announced in the historic Dodd Building, the Illinois State Bank building, and the Quincy Plumbing and Heating Distributors Building, Davis said the most significant investments are the local reinvestments, because they are the ones who are most dedicated to their communities.

But in Washington, Davis said he was working to identify global supply chain shortages on products that are not made in the United States.

Currently, Davis said he plans to introduce legislation to identify these shortages while also determining how to incent investment in small rural communities.

“These are the kinds of ideas and incentives that we need to think about at the federal level that will provide opportunities for manufacturing to re-exist in communities like Quincy and re-exist in our rural communities, because that’s where the workforce, ”Davis said.

Adams County is said to be one of 35 counties in the 15th Congressional District. Davis said a representative wishing to serve this region must be prepared to make an effort.

“People call our offices not at the beginning of an issue but at the end of their rope and we are speaking up for their cause,” Davis said. “And that’s really the barometer between, in my opinion, a really good congressman and one that’s just in the job to talk more about the issues of the day rather than helping their constituents sort out the issues of their day. “

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