Downtown businesses are feeling the effects of the global supply shortage


As major retailers across the country continue to see supply chain problems resulting from the pandemic, local businesses in downtown Columbia are feeling the effects.

From groceries to everyday local restaurants, the supply chain crisis has caused price hikes and supply shortages.

Economists say the crisis was magnified by COVID-19. “It all dates back to the pandemic. The pandemic has disrupted all markets,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist.

“Partly because of plant closures in China caused by outbreaks of delta variants. On the American side, the problem is much more labor-related than there is a shortage of longshoremen and truckers.” said economist Megan Greene Global.

While some businesses have not experienced significant food shortages, others have had to go to great lengths to maintain their business.

Chim’s Thai Kitchen manager Jatueon Wadtananussorn had to travel just to get the food they needed.

“In fact, we drive ourselves, our personal truck, all the way to St. Louis or Kansas City so that we can stock up. We go there once a month to pick up the extra supplies we need just to keep our business going. open, “said Wadtananussorn.

Charlie Palmer, manager of Gumby’s pizza in downtown Columbia, saw a shortage of a few items.

“Some meats here and there like our pepperoni. We can’t get all or Canadian bacon, ”Palmer said.

Gumby’s has experienced a significant shortage in its supply of plastic ranch cups.

“I don’t know what kind of plastic it is, but these ranch tumblers are unobtainable,” Palmer said.

Another issue for downtown businesses is the current shortage of truckers.

“A lot of our supplies are on these trucks and there’s nothing we can do about it,” Palmer said.

Some companies have expressed concern and said the biggest shortage is a labor shortage.

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