In the midst of a supply chain shortage, the LCCC CDL program is a success

October 27 – NANTICOKE – Tuesday’s Luzerne County Community College board meeting included an update on the program which has become a hot topic amid the global supply chain shortage and local need for School bus drivers: The college’s commercial driver’s license courses.

Associate Vice President Academic Affairs Susan Spry noted that the program has become “the darling of media attention in recent weeks,” but added that it has always been one of the “few titles that individuals can receive in a relatively short time which has the business impact “Obtaining a CDL creates.

By working full time five days a week, a person can achieve CDL in about four weeks. A Saturday and Sunday program lasts approximately nine weeks. The program has an 88% placement record at LCCC, and the school has had to cut back visits from many recruiters – who often offer enrollment bonuses and other incentives these days – to avoid cutting back. student learning.

The program also welcomes more diverse students, including women and minorities, and companies often seek to recruit them. “We don’t have more than eight students in a class, and each has 1, 2 or three women,” Spry said, adding that there were no girls yet a few years ago.

During the voting session, the trustees

– Ratified an agreement with the City of Nanticoke and the Alfalfa County Flood Protection Authority to waive the authority’s responsibility for the use of certain authority properties for water training courses. Fight against fires. The Authority had used the buildings, which were to be razed, in September and October for training and it was determined that the college had adequate insurance to cover all risks.

– Ratified a change order with D&M Construction Unlimited, Inc. for electrical, drywall and plumbing needs identified during the Wilkes-Barre Center renovation. The cost is $ 24,300.

– Ratified a change order with Dutchman Contracting LLC for work on the university storage building. The change grants college credit of $ 12,656.

– Approved the award of a bid for the purchase of a new OR table to Skytron LLC, the lowest responsible bidder at a price of $ 39,533. The current table in the Health Sciences Center surgical suite is broken and the company under contract to repair said parts is no longer available.

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