Luke Combs paid for the full list of school supplies for a North Carolina teacher

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  • No one in country music is as cool as Luke Combs.
  • He continues to give back whenever he gets the chance and recently paid for school supplies from a local teacher.
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Luke Combs continues to be one of the most genuine people on this planet. The 31-year-old country music superstar is as generous as she can get.

Whenever he gets the chance, Combs gives back as best he can. Earlier this year, he quietly paid the funeral costs of three young men who tragically died at a music festival this summer.

Now it is stepping up again.

Kelly Kirk is a kindergarten teacher at Wakefield Elementary School near Raleigh, North Carolina. It is a Title I school, which means the poverty level among students attending the school is 75% or more.

She recently reached out to Combs in hopes he could help her stock up for the next school year.

The #CleartheList social media initiative is helping teachers in underfunded schools seek outside support to purchase needed supplies. Kirk’s list included art supplies, building materials, animal figures and more.

She is an alumnus of Appalachian State, where Combs attended college. He dropped out with a month remaining in his final year but remains tied to school and made his debut playing in bars around Boone, North Carolina.

Whether Combs was just scrolling through his mentions at the time or sent them to him, Kirk’s tweet caught his attention. Combs bought everything.

Combs continues to be an amazing performer and an even better person. It’s scheduled to start its fall tour in a few weeks, and its first stop is at App State’s Kidd Brewer Stadium.

Maybe Kirk will be there to say thank you?

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