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Editor, News-Register:

“Who controls the food supply controls the people. “- Henri Kissinger

The latest headline is that food has become a leading indicator of inflation in the United States

While this is true, the authors of these articles missed the real story: “Food security”.

Being actively involved in the cattle industry, I have seen the untold stories of deception and misinformation over the past 18 months that have caused many ranchers to retire. Over the past 19 years, the United States has lost over 75,000 feeders. It is the small farms that finish the livestock for harvesting. As corporate feedlots proliferate to satisfy their corporate packaging partners, smaller family feedlots cannot receive offers on their livestock, forcing them to sell to companies. prices below the breakeven point. But the cattle ranchers are a relentless and persistent group, driven by the commitment and passion to produce the best and safest product in the world: “BEEF”.

Over the past 12 years, mergers and acquisitions in the beef industry have left four companies controlling over 85% of sales in that country. These are the same companies in the news ordered to pay millions of dollars in fines for price fixing allegations. The same four companies that at the height of the pandemic had racked up profits approaching half a billion dollars a week. News articles showing empty shelves or limited supplies only cause panic buying and drive up prices. Rest assured, there is no shortage of beef in this country, only oligopolistic control that has ousted the smaller regional packers for the benefit of shareholders.

Independent farmers and ranchers in this country need your help now, and in doing so, it would benefit you as well. Please call your Senators and ask for their support for Senate Bill 2716. This bill would bring back country of origin labeling. Right now, beef enters the country, being unpacked and repackaged with a “Product of USA” label. We would also like to support Senate Bill 949. This would force the big four slaughterhouses to buy 50% of their livestock on the spot market. These bills would bring prosperity to the cattle markets and stability to the beef industry which is handled by four packers, two of which are owned by foreigners.

Dave hyde

Bloomingdale, Ohio

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