Michigan Body Shops Need More Body Shops In Their Stores Due To Supply Shortage

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – Body shops across America are experiencing severe supply chain shortages, including here in mid-Michigan. In addition to supply shortages, many body shops run out of body shops in the shop.

Some who have been in the business for decades say they have never seen anything like it.

Jack Carter started working in his father’s body shop when he was just 16 years old. He recalls a time when his father gave a local news station an interview almost identical to the one he gives to News 10.

“They interviewed him because about 30 years ago we were sort of in the same situation. Labor was hard to come by and parts and everything. So he got into the used car business and started a lot and did pretty well, ”Carter said.

A lot has happened in his 45-year career, including starting his body shop, Jack’s Body Shop in Jackson.

What hasn’t seemed to change, however, are supply chain issues. Jack says he feels they are getting worse. Supply shortages have forced some stores to simply turn down business.

“I practically stopped working in the insurance business because of a parts problem. My garage is so small that I can’t afford to have cars here for five or six weeks, ”Carter said.

This waiting time is after the car is already in the store. Jack says that in many cases the wait time to enter the store is one to two months.

To reduce this time, Jackson body shops worked together. Sometimes stores resort to referral of their customers to other local garages that have a vacant position.

“All the Extreme dealers, from Artmanes to Huffs… they helped me, they stayed by my side and always give me a lot of work. So I can’t complain, I’m always busy so they’re helping the little guy, ”Carter said.

Other times the stores have the room but they don’t have the employees. The supply chain is only half the problem. The industry’s lost growth and the lack of new entrants are what worries Jack the most.

“I used to get calls every week or so, someone who wanted a job. It hadn’t happened for three or four months and normally I would have them every week, ”Carter said. “I think that with the workforce, people don’t want to do forced labor anymore, especially young children. “

He says he believes when it comes to supply and labor shortages, there is only one solution.

“I think we need to get rid of COVID. We have to attract people so that they’re not afraid to be there and everything and we have to get the chips, ”Carter said.

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