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As large supermarket chains grapple with empty shelves and delivery delays, local producers in the Southern Highlands and Tablelands are teeming with fresh produce. Also read: Eleven people die as NSW registers over 25,000 new cases Goulburn Greengrocer Cycling and Cafe owner Con Toparis says he has noticed a slight impact when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables. “We use a lot of vendors, a lot of eggs in different baskets, so we’re doing fine,” he said. “The cost of goods has gone up, that’s part of the concern because in the end we will have to increase our prices, which is difficult for customers. We still sell a lot, but the big supermarket chains are where everyone goes. . ” However, Con noted that while the greengrocer and coffee side of his business was only slightly affected, the cycling side was a different story – his business being directly affected by the delivery delays. he said. “We cannot buy stock of bicycles. There has been no stock of bicycles since 2020. Also read: ‘Staff in tears and labor shortage’: call to action for the sector care for the elderly “It’s getting worse, not better. COVID has affected the production line in 2020, and it’s slowed down and caused a delay.” Now it’s shipping. It’s not reaching our shores and ‘not reach our stores. “This makes it harder to trade everyday, especially when a consumer is looking for a product that you cannot supply. Mr Toparis said COVID was a challenge for his business. “We have staff and invoices, and that makes it more difficult,” he said. “We don’t have a product for the bike side and the coffee side, we’re quite busy, but we have an increase in the price of goods, we have a shortage of staff. It’s all just a challenge.” C It’s a tough time for business. “Highland Meats Mittagong manager Pete Lenehan said there was a lot of stock for small independent businesses.” It’s the big companies that can’t get deliveries. ” , he said. “People need to know that we have stocks and that we get deliveries every night.” While the demand for meat has not increased the prices, it has increased the customer base. from Highland Meats. “There has been an increase in the number of customers,” he said. “Lots of new faces who can’t get what they want from the supermarket. “We just want the community to know we have stocks.” Also read: Djokovic court defeat leaves Morrison government stuck between bad options Yasemin and Chris from Robertson Fruit Shop are doing their part to support the community. The small family business has reintroduced bespoke, prefabricated fruit and vegetable boxes for residents who are isolated or who do not wish to leave their homes. Yasemin said customers will be able to call the store, place their order and pay over the phone for contactless car trunk delivery. “We take care of the community and do our best to help,” she said. “We saw that there wasn’t much in the supermarket, and we’re just trying to help, especially for the older community who might not want to go out.” While their store is full of products, Yasemin said several growers were not in the markets where they source their fresh fruit and vegetables. Also read: Ph “Last week there were a lot of people missing in Flemington Markets because they were sick, so there weren’t too many options, but there were still supplies, “she said.” There weren’t 20 people selling tomatoes, so there was a bit more. ask, which made the prices go up a bit more, but we still got to have almost everything. made the service a bit slower but we all understand why. “We all care about each other. We did well. “Despite the shortage of fresh produce in supermarkets, Yasemin said the store was operating as usual.” It’s a tourist time of year, so a lot of people are on vacation. ” she said. “We’ve been busy, but we’re usually a busy little shop. It seems like it gets a lot of people after fresh fruit and veg. go with all the local news: sign up you below.



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