Pea Ridge Schools Supply List

Pea Ridge Middle School

Third year

1 schoolbag 1 inch

1 pack dividers

fabric pencil case

4 composition notebooks

4 plastic shirts (red, blue, green, yellow)

2 boxes of pencils

24 carats. box of Ticonderoga pencils

8 glue sticks

1 bottle of sharp scissors glue

2 Expo Markers (any color) Headphones (no big headphones please)

3 boxes of Kleenex

Boys: Clorox Wipes

Girls: paper napkins

$ 2.50 for additional supplies

Fourth year

4 composition notebooks

4 packs of Ticonderoga pencils

12 glue sticks

the scissors

Wide tip dry erase markers (LQrge pack of black, 1 pack of variety I red, I green, I blue) 1 pack of hood erasers

1 hand pencil sharpener

1 box of pencils

1 box of colored pencils

headphones or earphones

2 packs of highlighters

2-3 pin plastic pocket folders

2 containers of disinfectant wipes

2 boxes of tissues and 1 box of gallon bags (boys)

2 rolls of paper towels and 1 box of bogies (girls)

2 black sharpies

Fifth year

Classroom supplies to bring to the open house:

• 4 boxes of pencils

• 2 packs of highlighters (yellow, pink, green, blue)

• Large package of glue sticks

• 1 pack of notebook paper

• 2 packs of paper towels

• 3 kleenex boxes

• I pack of markers

• 1 pack of colored pencils

• Scissors

• Large package of exhibition markers

• 2 black markers

Personal supplies to label and bring on the first day of school:

• 1.5 inch directional binder with divider set (5 pack)

• Take-out folder with pins

• 1.5 inch reading binder with divider set (5 pack)

• 1.5 inch writing binder with divider set (5 pack)

• Social studies file with pins

• Social studies composition book

• Writing composition notebook

• Scientific file with pins

• Mathematical composition book

• Mathematics file with pins

• Headphones or headphones

• $ 5 for the recorder for the music

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