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BROOKLYN, NY, October 30, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Signature Auto Group, a leading online auto leasing company, with offices in both Brooklyn, New York State and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has fought the current global chip shortage and supply chain issues with its rental car early exit program! The shortage of semiconductor chips caused by the coronavirus pandemic is expected to cost the global auto industry more than 210 billion dollars of revenue in 2021. This problem, coupled with a slowdown in the global supply chain, has led to a rise in used car prices, which means that early termination of a rental car contract can benefit the renter of the car. Through a transparent online process, Signature Auto Group can offer tenants personalized lease exit options.

Global supply chain issues have created an even more difficult situation for the auto industry. Not only are manufacturers unable to build enough cars, they also struggle to deliver them to new car owners and dealers. Car prices continue to rise as these problems see no end, at least in the near future. To combat the boom in leasing and car buying, Signature Auto Group has implemented a very popular online leasing exit program in New York City, the tri-state region and Florida. This program is for car renters who want a new car or just want to take advantage of the higher value of current cars.

The car rental exit program is simple and easy to enter. The steps are as follows:


-Enter the coordinates

-Enter the make, model, mileage and rental conditions of the car

-Signature Auto Group rental team will provide you with personalized vehicle rental exit options

-If the vehicle is eligible, there is no additional charge to exit your lease

Using the information provided, the Signature Auto Group rental team locates the buyout price of a vehicle lease and thus determines if the lease is eligible for termination and if money can be made in the process. for the lease owner. Customers can either take that money away or spend it on renting a new vehicle through Signature’s fully online car rental website. Due to factors surrounding the global automotive market, there may be certain situations in which car renters may have to pay to end their lease.

Signature Auto Group New York recognizes the importance of transparency when leasing a car in 2021. The Signature team takes pride in providing customers with all the financial information that accompanies leasing a new car in new York, Florida, or the tri-state area. When renting a car through Signature Auto Group’s online car rental website, customers will leave with a good understanding of their new car and their rental exit options! There are many benefits to renting a car, and Signature Auto Group’s online rental service allows customers to fully enjoy the freedoms of car rental!

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Signature Auto Group is an online car leasing company, based in new York and Florida. The company’s talented, loyal and motivated staff go above and beyond to support customers before, during and after leasing a vehicle – a claim most other companies just can’t make. Signature Auto Group has a large inventory including many makes and models of vehicles, with many promotions offered throughout the year.

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