State lawmakers to hold hearing on alcohol shortage

Currently, the Pa. Liquor Control Board has limited purchases of 43 types of alcohol to two bottles per day.

HARRISBURG, Pa .– Pennsylvania state lawmakers are holding a joint committee hearing to learn more about supply chain disruptions impacting the alcohol industry.

The Pennsylvania state-run alcohol system began rationing about 40 different products with a purchase limit of two bottles per day for customers of state stores, as well as bars, restaurants, and other holders. Licence.

Long-lasting supply chain disruptions and product shortages are blamed for the restrictions imposed which are expected to remain in place indefinitely.

FOX43 spoke with State Senator Mike Regan, chair of the Senate Law and Justice Committee that will be holding the joint hearing. He said bottle rationing is his biggest concern, and states without a state-run system let the free market dictate how they are sold.

“I think some of the concerns are that it’s a two bottle limit. So you can go out and buy two bottles of Jack Daniels and your local bar can only go out and get two bottles of Jack Daniels.” , said Senator Regan.

“So I think it creates problems and I think our hearing is a way to ask very pointed questions of the LCB and the industry and see if we can fix it. I think the rationing part is very alarming to people. “

Senator Regan said that after the meeting he will look at what can be done on a legislative level to help resolve this situation.

You can watch the hearing live from 9 a.m. here.

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