Supply Chain Issues Affecting Colorado Springs Restaurants

COLORADO SPRINGS – Menus at several Colorado Springs restaurants may look different this year as businesses grapple with supply chain issues and find themselves unable to get certain things for their dishes.

Longtime bartender and waiter at Red Gravy Michael Meese said his team is no stranger to supply chain issues.

“In the past two weeks, we’ve run out of squid. We also couldn’t get some beers and wines.

Russ Ware is a Managing Partner of the newly opened Epiphany Restaurant, Wild Goose Meeting House, Good Neighbor’s Meeting House, and Patty Jewett Neighborhood Bar and Grill. He also saw the effects of supply chain shortages.

Russ Ware, managing partner of the local restaurant, talks about supply shortages.

“Some things that are important to us are hard to come by right now and sometimes alternatives are available, sometimes not, so we have to be pretty creative,” Ware said.

According to Ware, most of the challenges are with its old restaurants that offer iconic dishes that customers love.

“At Wild Goose we have this gooseberry relish and we can’t get the particular raspberry jam that we use for it, so we substitute the strawberry and stuff for that. It’s just not the same.

Across town, Colorado Mountain Brewery creates new twists on classic dishes with ingredients the restaurant can find.

Jonathan San Agustin, director of Colorado Mountain Brewery, praises the resilience of his team.

“We had to change some recipes that we had for years,” said Jonathan San Agustin, manager of Colorado Mountain Brewery. Do special things. We have learned to be resilient.

Despite the challenges these restaurants face, many told FOX21 News they remain optimistic things will get better eventually. In the meantime, customers are urged to remain patient and understanding.

“We always struggle with people, we always struggle with supply chains and we often do. out of our control, said San Agustin. “We are really doing our best to take care of you. “

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