Supply chain issues could make holiday shopping a headache

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – A lot of us are still thinking about Halloween right now, but experts tell me you should be thinking about the holiday season already. Now is the time to do your holiday shopping. Supply chain issues lead to backlogs for businesses, so you want to make your gift list as early as possible this year. I spoke with the experts at Consumer Reports about what shoppers need to know. You may have seen this story on 11 News.

“Early shopping is the name of the game this holiday season,” said Anna Kocharian, chief purchasing and offering editor for Consumer Reports. “Many experts we spoke to recommended that consumers start their holiday shopping as soon as possible. If you wait a long time, maybe until December, you probably won’t find the items you have on your wishlist.

Several factors are impacting the supply chain at this time. Experts don’t have a timeline for when things could change.

“It’s that domino effect where you have blockages related to the pandemic in Asia that are causing production and factories to shut down,” Kocharian said. “Because of this, we are experiencing a lot of shortages for items produced overseas. We have port congestion, we have a labor shortage, truck drivers, warehouse workers, warehouse space in general is limited, and we even have semi-chip shortages. conductors. So all of these things that go into making these products are going through all of these setbacks and that’s causing these delays. “

It is a ripple effect for consumers. Some items are going to cost you a lot more because of the shortages. Experts tell me that if you see something on the shelves that you like, you should probably buy it right away, in case it doesn’t get restocked in time for the holidays. Some items may be harder to find, including some toys.

“Basically anything that has a chip in it. Electronics in general is going to be hard to find this year, and not only hard to find, but we won’t see such aggressive sales on items, like televisions and laptops, ”Kocharian said. “Specifically, when it comes to children’s toys, they have become so technologically advanced in recent years that they include chips. So due to a shortage of chips, these toys are going to be hard to find, and what’s more, plastic in general is also scarce, so plastic toys and artificial Christmas trees, and even candles are going to be in. shortage this year. . “

Lots of big retailers are adjusting and having big sales right now. Many stores also offer price matching, so if you buy it now and it goes on sale before Christmas, you can get a refund of the sale price. I have already started checking my list. Whatever you do, try not to wait until the last minute this year, if you can.

“For last minute shoppers, try shopping a little earlier. When the time comes, if you are [pressed] for time, try to buy local and this is a great way to get an item right away and you don’t have to rely on shipping or reliability if you just go to the store, ”Kocharian said .

Of course, the holidays aren’t all about gifts, but I know many of you might want to get a head start this holiday season. If you want more information from the experts at Consumer Reports, go to and click “Find It”.

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