Supply shortage delays manufacture of Microlino 2.0: check its production lines

At least 24,000 pre-order holders and millions of fans around the world must be wondering: where is Microlino? The bubble car made headlines when it was revealed and production was slated to begin in 2021. Micro-Mobility told us why that didn’t happen: to blame the global supply shortage. We’re not just talking about chips, but other components as well, such as wire harness connectors.

The company that created Microlino shared with autoevolution that it plans to start production by mid-March if all goes according to plan. The company tried to stay ahead of global supply chain problems by ordering “crucial parts well in advance,”But that did not prevent problems with components that were taken for granted. For example, the wire harness connectors we mentioned above are practically a commodity. Unfortunately, companies now have lead times of up to 50 weeks with this component.

This hasn’t stopped Micro-Mobility from producing a few units of the Microlino, as you can see in the video below. It presents the BIW (body-in-white) production line and chassis. The company has promised to release a video of the final assembly line when it has all the parts and completed all the procedures to keep it running normally. The factory – established in Turin in partnership with CECOMP – is already active and the few cars it has produced so far “are used for further testing and process optimization”.

When the Microlino is ready for delivery, the first customers to receive it will be those in Switzerland. Micro-Mobility expects them to get their cars by April or May, depending on production pace. Soon after, Germany will also start getting its Microlinos. According to Merlin Ouboter – Micro-Mobility CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) – the Germans are the customers who have ordered the most from Microlino so far.

Micro-Mobility plans to make up for the delay by ramping up production more quickly in the second half of 2022. This is what is needed for the bubble car to reach other European markets. Given the number of customers affected, France and the UK should be the next to acquire the Microlino – in that order.

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