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Innovation can be an uphill battle. Forget about “building the best mousetrap” – often people like to stick with what they already know instead of trying something new.

Take the basket. When this Oklahoma-based 1930s innovation hit the aisles, shoppers weren’t sure what to do with it. In fact, when presented by the grocer Sylvan goldman as an alternative, many shoppers skipped the shopping cart, choosing to overload their hand baskets.

Eventually, the shopping cart was so underutilized that Goldman hired actors to circulate the shopping carts around the store, modeling the technology for customers. Buyers have finally gotten the hang of the new tool and that’s why you have to thank Goldman for your overloaded shopping cart.

Just a reminder that change isn’t always easy, and leading by example can have an incredible impact.

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We’ve always been a distributed team, but in 2022, Technically chose to go completely remote. Here’s why we did it. While you’re at it, take a look at the year ahead with our editorial calendar.

Founder at Ashley Mehta objective by melting Nolij was to create a women-owned business to support female veterans through Federal Health Information Technology. Nearly a decade later, the Virginia-based team was named one of Inc’s Top Companies.

Kléer debuts in the dental market, making it easier for patients to access care without going through an insurance provider. (Psst! The Philadelphia-based team is also recruiting a variety of roles.)

Hear from the graduates of Wilmington Postal Codeto find out how the Delaware nonprofit helped them advance their careers (and apply for its June cohort).

Technology-driven, sustainable and efficient waste management start-up RoadRunner just announced a $ 70 million Series D, making it the biggest deal for the Pittsburgh area so far this year.


Do you want to work with us? Technically Media currently has several vacancies, including an editor and editorial director, as well as a reporter (via Report for America) to cover news of Philly’s rapidly evolving tech economy.

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Philly / Delaware



  • Ready to bank on a career in finance? PNC Financial Services seeks to fill several positions including:
  • Strategic insight brand CivicScience is expanding and needs a HR and recruitment manager take ownership of the process.
  • The Machine Learning department of Carnegie Mellon University is looking for a Project Manager coordinate ongoing projects.

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